Book Review: Wrath by Emily Blythe

Emily Blythe
Seven Vices Series
430 Pages

Rating: 5 out of 5.


He can’t forgive. She can’t forget.
Back then, the boy next door was a beautiful contradiction. An avid reader, the town brawler. My dangerous crush. Until one day, he left town like a thief in the night, leaving me devastated.
A decade later, my nightmare returned. But Will Lewin was no longer the wild, charismatic boy of my past. He was a successful entrepreneur, a stranger. He was something bitter and resentful. A fully grown man… who still left me reeling.
I didn’t want his help, but I didn’t have a choice. I had to let him back in. Even if I still hated him. Even if he could never forgive me for what I’d done.


This was such an amazing story. The depth that the author got into every character wad amazing! Not just the main characters. Everyone had a purpose. Chloe and Will are just perfect. We all had that one crush in high school that we wished was more. Usually not realizing they felt the same way. Young, stupid love. The things Chloe and Will had to overcome in their life. No one should have to go through that and yet for thr most part came out okay. I loved the flashbacks it really got me into the backstory and i loved that there were snippets throughout the story. I felt it kept me more engaged thay way! I loved the writing style the author used in this book. There was so much detail that had to be lined up just right. I was really impressed. I havent read anything by this author before but she has quickly become a must read for me. I will recommend this book to anyone!!!! I was so happy. I didn’t want it to end! I think this book would be an awesome movie

About the Author

Emily Blythe is the author of new contemporary romance series, Seven Vices. Her books are steamy, twisted love stories that will keep you up reading well into the hours of the morning.

The Seven Vices Series is a collection of standalone romances, with inter-connecting stories (each book is about a different couple in the Seven Vices world). Although the stories can be read in any order, here is the official sequence:

1. Wrath (Chloe & Will)
2. Greed (Sophia & Oliver)
3. Obsession (Lola & Julian)
4. Ego (Henley and Eli)- Coming May 28th (pre-order now!)
Books 5 – 7 coming later in 2020.


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