Book Review: Miss Insta Princess by KD Elizabeth


Miss InstaPrincess


KD Elizabeth


Romantic Comedy


Vivre Libre Media



Release Date

July 5th 2018

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The full-length STANDALONE romantic comedy AND romantic suspense (I know, it’s both!) debut from the owner of the popular bookish Etsy store, Bookified!

Lena Douglas may be a world-famous Instagram model, but she hates it. She’s a real InstaPrincess, reigning over her court of perfectly airbrushed selfies and avocado toast posts, but at twenty-six, she’s running out of time before the Internet moves on to a younger model. Starting her own fitness line is the perfect escape. But the thing about new companies? They kind of need a little cash. A mentor who can show Lena how to run a business wouldn’t hurt, either. Fortunately, she’s rented the house of a man who could be her perfect business partner. If she agrees to accompany him to events as his date, he might just fund her line. Too bad she doesn’t have time for distractions. Too bad her new neighbor is stupidly attractive. Too bad he’s the neighbor from hell.

My Review

I love enemy to lover stories. And this book was just that. It was a slow start but it picked up very quicjly and I fell in love with Travis and Lena. Once you find out each of their stories you instantly want them to be together. Travis has all the money in the world but not a woman and Lena is sweet and special but needs money. I loved how the author built up the tension between Lena and Travis and you find out they haven’t even met each other in their fits of neighborly rage. I loved the backstory the author gives for each character and how everyone’s story is sort of summed up by the end of the book. There was a bit of sexiness in this book but not overly done. I thought the story flowed well. I will definitely be reading more from this author!

About the Author

K.D. Elizabeth is the owner of the popular Bookified Etsy store, which sells love letters from fictional characters to customers all over the world. Miss InstaPrincess is her first novel. She splits her time between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire (which has the best lobstah rolls EVER) and has traveled to over twenty countries.
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